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Culture & People


Grenada's French colonists brought along their culture, as did the African slaves they brought across the Atlantic for agricultural work. The combination of these cultures is what you will find on this island. French influence can be seen in La Diablesse, a well-dressed she-devil, and Ligaroo (from Loup Garoux), a werewolf. Indians have also influenced the island culture in more recent years.

Importantly, many descendants of the first African Grenadians have maintained their own tribal knowledge. Many Grenadians are aware of the tribe from which their ancestors came, and their dance styles have been maintained throughout the island.

The arts are supported largely by tourists, expatriates and islanders.


An important aspect of Grenadian culture is the tradition of story telling, with folk tales bearing both African and French influences. The character, Anancy, a spider god who is a trickster, originated in West Africa and is prevalent on other Caribbean islands as well. These stories are similar to fairy tales and have both oral and written traditions. They often are shared in groups, with the storyteller beginning "Crick", and the audience replying "Crack".

Visual Arts

Paintings include oil, watercolours, and standard other mediums, but what sets Grenadian art apart is the canvas used for various paints. Cloth, bamboo, calabash, cutlass, wood, metal, and many other materials can be used by the Grenadian artist as painting surfaces. Ordinary objects beautifully painted with bright Caribbean colours are a common sight. Local art events usually occur in St George's because of its accessibility and population of art patrons.

Performing Arts

Drama, dance and music are popular, and performances sometimes occur during festivals and at small theatres. Music plays a huge part in Grenadian culture with the annual Carnival competition generating new soca and calypso material in August. The rest of the time soca, calypso, and reggae are the mainstay on the minibuses competing for the loudest and, unfortunately, sometimes fastest bus service. Zouk music has also been imported to Grenada from other French Caribbean islands recently. Other local celebrations include the National Dance Festival, and Independence Day.





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