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Grenada Customs & Etiquettes


Salutations are an important part of daily etiquette even among strangers. Public displays of affection are common among schoolchildren, particularly those of the same sex. It is not uncommon to see girls holding hands on the street and boys walking with their arms draped around each other's shoulders. Public transportation may require passengers to sit practically on top of one another. Preferential treatment is almost always granted to women, particularly the aged and those with small children.

St George's is a place of commerce with the many banks, businesses, and governmental offices. Do not confuse it for the beach. It is often seen as rude or disrespectful for people to walk around Grenada inappropriately dressed, especially if you are dressed for the beach and you are not on it. Grenada just recently passed and is starting to enforce an indecent exposure law that bans bathing suits in non-beach areas as well as saggy pants that reveal underwear.

It is normal to be late for meetings with friends and other social situations. However, being on time in professional situations is expected.

Women used to be the home-makers, but that has changed and they are now on a more equal footing with men. On average, they tend to work much harder than men.

Meeting & Greeting

In a casual setting, men often offer a simple nod of acknowledgment among themselves. In a more formal setting, men will shake hands.

Women usually greet each other with a hello, and depending on the level of familiarity will sometimes kiss each other on the cheeks or exchange hugs. In a more formal setting, women will shake hands.

Between men and women, a verbal greeting and/or a simple nod of acknowledgment is common. In a more formal setting, a handshake is common.

Communication Styles

Common courtesy goes a long way. Saying “good morning”, “good evening”, and being polite regardless of how trying the situation is.

People tend to communicate at arms length, although with an increased level of familiarity, this distance can decrease. In business and more formal situations this distance may be considerably larger. Touching of hands during conversations is quite common between friends and members of the opposite sex. This does not tend to be so between business colleagues.

Direct eye contact is acceptable, but too much can be considered staring, which is rude. It's best to strike a balance.





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