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Maids in Grenada (Domestic Help)

Maids and cooks are available at reasonable wages in Grenada. An experienced cook or maid receives between EC$300 and EC$400 (between $112 and $149) per month depending on duties and hours worked. An average working day begins at 8 am and ends 2-4 pm. Live-in help is also available and babysitting services can be arranged for a fee of EC$4-EC$10 ($1.50-$3.70) per hour.

Obtain references and offer a clear indication of expected duties before hiring someone. Most people employ a maid who cleans, washes (usually by machine), irons, and prepares meals. Grenadian domestics are usually polite and obliging. Bonuses are often given for food preparation and service at dinner and cocktail parties. Gardeners are also hired weekly during the rainy season and less frequently during the dry season; fees run EC$25 ($9.30) a day and up depending on size of the yard and expected gardening responsibilities. A few extra dollars will ensure a thorough car wash and a clean carport area.

A driver to and from work (usually less than 10 miles per round-trip) will charge about EC$300 ($112) per month and up. Various other taxi rides are expensive and should be negotiated before departing for the destination.

Holiday and leave expectations vary for domestic help. Two weeks’ paid vacation is given after a year of service, as is a Christmas bonus of a month’s pay. In addition, a maid/cook expects 1-2 days off a week, with arrangements made for full weekends and holiday times fixed by the employer at the time of hiring. National Insurance Scheme (NIS) payments are required for servants and gardeners.





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